Adding and Using Credentials in the Forsite App

Adding and Using Credentials in the Forsite App

Created at 18.01.22

This article provides information about Credentials and how to use them

Release version 5.1.0

My Credentials

Forsite has the capacity for users to upload important documents such as credentials, and certificates directly into the app. By offering a secure place to store these documents, Forsite makes managing personal documents easier for users. Credentials are user-specific documents, certifications, or qualifications that contractors or workers need to access onsite or share with their managers.

How to use Credentials

Users can now store and share their personal credentials with the Forsite app.

Add: certifications stored in the database so are accessible to users if they delete the app and reinstall.

Additional Features

Delete: Users can delete certifications from the database via a delete button.

Share: Users can also share any of their credentials with a site admin or an external party via email. Select share button → choose credentials to share → Choose what company you are working for (if registered to multiple) → select share → taken to email tool → enter recipient email → send

What is a Credential?

Below is a list of credentials that users can add:
  • Birth Certificate

  • Confined Spaces

  • Decontamination

  • Drivers License

  • Electric Work

  • Fire Alarm Isolation

  • Height Work

  • Hot Work

  • JSA

  • Lone Working

  • Physical Isolation

  • Public Liability Insurance

  • Record of Training

  • SISP

  • Sitesafe

  • SSSP

  • Traffic Management

  • Vaccine Certification

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