Add Site Access in the App

Add Site Access in the App

Updated 09.04.21

Release versions due end of 03May21

iOS: 5.0.0

Android: 5.0.0

Users can now add sites access to their companies


  • In the Forsite App users can select ‘More’ from the task bar

  • Here they will see a button ‘Add Site Access’

  • When users select this button they will be taken to our search function and asked to search for the site they wish to access.

    • Note when a user is registered to more than one company, the user will be asked to select which company requires site access.

  • Users enter the site name and press the magnifying glass to search

  • All sites matching that search term will be returned as well as the Site Admin Company name listed in smaller font below.

  • The user must select the Site Name and press ok for site access to be granted.

  • The Site will be shown with a ‘new’ icon next to the name.

  • The user can now view site details and will be able to check into this site.

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