Checking in/out

Checking in/out

Updated 09.06.21

This article provides a step by step process to checking into a site.  Note: release v5.0 will display new look screens.

Check in screen

Upon arrival at a site, the check in screen should be showing one of the following options.
1. Looks like you're not at a monitored site
2. I'm not going to check in / Induction Valid - Check in
3. Complete induction 


A majority of our monitored sites require users to complete an induction before checking into site.
Users will be prompted to complete the site induction before you can check in.

You will need to be physically on site to be able to check into it. 
If you are on site and unable to pick up any sites, this may be because:
- You are not assigned to the right company.
- Your company does not have site access.
- Your location services are not on.

To resolve this issue you can follow these steps:
- Add the right company to your account. Click here to view how to add an additional company to your account! 
- Contact the Forsite team through Live Chat or at to help you with assigning your company site access

Site Hazard Register 

Each site will display a Hazard Register, when added.  Anyone going onto site will need to acknowledge and accept before completing their check in. 

Time onsite

Each time you check in you will be required to allocate time to how long you will be onsite.  Each site has a pre-set time, however users can modify this to suit.

If you are unsure, we suggest you over estimate an hour more!

Manual Work Order

You have successfully checked in!
After completing all the steps above, you would have now successfully checked in!

Check out
  1. Check out
  2. Extend your time
  3. Once you have left the site, our app will automatically check you out. 

Need more help or have any further questions? Chat to us via live chat or email on @ 

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