Refreshing the Forsite App

Refreshing the Forsite App

Our team at Forsite are continuously updating the app and developing new features to make it easy for users to navigate and use the app! 

Side Menu

Forsite Side Menu


Hi, *User's Name*

  1. Edit your profile
  2. View/Edit your contact details
  3. Add/change your photo 
  4. Assign yourself to additional companies

Adding additional companies to your profile

  1. Users who work for more than one company can choose another company at check-in. 
  2. Add companies before arriving on site


  1. Complete and view your inductions 
  2. To be completed: Induction you are yet to complete 
  3. Valid/Pending: Inductions that have been completed and valid or is waiting to be approved by the Site Admin


  1. View your documents 


  1. Use your phones map functionality to find your way to site
  2. You can view what sites you have access to 
  3. Details of the Site Admin
  4. Write down notes specifically for the site i.e. Alarm Code

Check in screen 

Your main screen should be showing one of two things: 
1. Looks like you're not at a monitored site
2. @Forsite - Head Office - Im not going to check in / Induction Valid - Check in 
  1. Red Flag Icon
    - Check in terms and conditions
  2. Set time Screen Icon ( i ) 
    - The information icon on this screen tells users of the importance of setting the timer accurately
  3. Check Out Screen Updates
    - The information icon on this screen informs users why check out is important

Check out

When your time is coming to an end you have 3 options:  
Extend time
Checking Out

  1. Check out
  2. Extend your time
  3. Once you have left the site, our app will automatically check you out. 

Need more help or have any further questions? Chat to us via live chat or email on @ 
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