I'm Showing as Offline - Contractor Guide

I'm Showing as Offline - Contractor Guide

So you're showing as 'User has gone offline' on our Onsite Feed.

What does this mean?  

  • Well firstly, a Site Manager may assume you have had an accident as you appear to be
    and be in contact.
  • Escalations will be sent for this user to the Site Manager as we need to assume you are still on the Site.
  • Evacuation alerts will not be received if you have turned off their data/location for Forsite or killed the app.

We get alot of questions about this and why it has happened, so keeping it brief we've tried to break it down.

We ask users to give us access to their settings, they do not always do this, our job is to ensure we continually listen to our customer feedback to make it easier to use.

Main concerns are:
  • Battery drain
  • Location Privacy

So why are you offline?

You have:
  • No Longer have data
  • Have killed the Forsite App
  • Turned off location settings whilst still

  • Issues with their device - could be an old device/tablet or a new update has caused compatibility issues

What can we do at this point? 
nothing app wise, we do not control your phone (thank goodness right!) but we work hard to educate our Users which is why they show as 'Offline' as it has ramifications for all.

Its usually a very simple fix, open the app, turn on location services and let the app know you aren't near the building.  Within 5 minutes the app will remove
you from the onsite list.

Back to Contractor Concerns

Battery Drain
We can assure you we have spent many hours working to reduce battery drain and can report through our extensive testing, our app in most cases draws less battery than downloading a song from
itunes or spotify.

Location Settings
Yes we store location information.
No we do not use this outside of registered Forsite sites.  This information is not accessible by anyone but our developers and is stored securely within AWS (Amazon Web Services).

Why is Location Services so important to the Forsite App?
Location Services is like water to the Forsite App, without it, it just won't work properly.  
Location Services tell the app a Contractor is approaching a Forsite monitored Site and it springs into action, it also is what works to check Contractors out once they are around 500m from the site.  This removes Contractors from our onsite list and tells everyone interested they are no longer on site.  The app will also go to sleep again once this has happened, reducing battery drain straight away.

If you have any feedback on these, please keep in contact as we always want to hear feedback.  Email our helpdesk

Thanks from the team @ Forsite.

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