Configure Sites Location Requirements

Configure Sites Location Requirements

Updated 29.09.21
This article provides information about location tracking settings when using the Forsite app.
App versions:

iOS: 5.1.0
Android: 5.1.0

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Location logs outside of a Forsite monitored site are not recorded in our Database.

What is location tracking?
With your permission, Location Services allows apps and websites (including Maps, Camera, Weather, and other apps) to use information from cellular,  Wi-Fi, Global Positioning System GPS networks, and Bluetooth to determine your approximate location.  Maps, directions, and location-based apps depend on  data services.  These data services are subject to change and might not be available in all geographic areas, resulting in maps, directions, or location-based  information that might be unavailable, inaccurate, or incomplete. 

More recently Apple updated their OS to highlight to users the number of times Forsite has accessed your location.  This is an apple security feature
and is not controlled by Forsite and cannot be turned off.    Read more about privacy and Location Services in iOS 

What happens to location data?

Location logs outside of a Forsite monitored site are not recorded in our Database.  We only record onsite location which is then shown in the Forsite portal when you are on-site, complete an induction or permit, accept a task or modify your user information.   See our Privacy Policy at: Privacy Policy

Why location?

Forsite set geofences around Forsite monitored locations which are like a large elastic band.  The Forsite app recognises when you are inside one of these, and if location always is allowed, we will send a prompt to remind you to open the app to check in. 

Location Requirements

Site management can select 3 location permission settings for their site(s):
  1. Auto Presence Detection - Check in using location permission set to Always
  2. User Initiated Presence Detection
    1. Location Permission: While Using the App
    2. Location Permission: No Location Permission
Force Checkout
To ensure users are not left checked in hours after their site visit, the Site Manager can select the option of setting 'force checkout' which will check users out at the time set.

If you are a Site Manager and you want to disable Auto Presence Detection for your site, please get in contact with our Forsite team at

Auto Presence Detection

Auto Presence Detection provides our full app functionality onsite.
Proof of Presence
Wake Up Prompts
Email Escalations
Auto Check Out
All sites are automatically enabled for Auto Presence Detection.  Users arriving at an Auto Presence Detection enabled sites will be required to set location to "Always" to check in*

User Initiated Presence Detection

Location Permission : While Using the App

This setting allows the user to check into site with the minimum location setting 'while using'.
*When Users open the app, functionality will start, however it is important to understand, once the app has been closed or the users phone goes to sleep (when location is set to 'while using'), the app communication is cut off after around 10mins predominantly in iOS. This meant that we cannot:
  1. wake the phone up to prompt the user to check in

  2. cannot escalate them onsite

  3. cannot check them out.

Location Permission : No Location Permission

This setting allows the user to check into site without location turned on. 
*Users will not be located onsite at any point and our sensors will not locate them onsite. They will be able to use the app to complete inductions/view documents and manually check into site and will be required to manually check out of site.
We will not:
  1. wake the phone up to prompt the user to check in

  2. cannot escalate them onsite

  3. cannot check them out.

Force Checkout

How do we ensure we don't leave users checked in unnecessarily? We have added a new feature called 'Force Checkout'

Force checkout allows the Site Management team to designate a set period of time (hours) where once the users working time has expired and the user does not check out manually by our extend time or check out prompt, they will be checked out by this time.

Need more help or have any further questions? Chat to us via live chat or email on @  

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