Phone doesn't work with the Forsite app?

Phone doesn't work with the Forsite app?

Having trouble with using the Forsite app?

Your phone may be out of date or it may be an operating system issue.

OS 13.1.2 has reported issues that affect touchscreen, display and bluetooth and location services particularly in dark mode.

  Click here to read more about this issue. 

We support iPhones and android phones usually no older than 3 years.  If you have a windows phone, sorry we don't support these.

Why not older?  Well technology changes quickly and operating systems are changed.  We have to keep modifying the Forsite app to allow for these changes. 
From time to time apple or google will stop supporting operating systems which means we also must follow.

Android Phones - Android Operating system 4.4 and new is compatible.

  1. Andriod: Settings > Device/Phone Info > Software  Info > Android version

iPhones - iPhone 6 and newer.  This means iOS 11 +.

  1. iPhone: Settings > General > Software update

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