Sensor Subzones at your Sites

Sensor Subzones at your Sites

What is a Sensor 'Sensor Subzone'?

Subzones allow a Site Admin to see where a user is within their building.

A subzone occurs when sensors are placed in designated areas throughout a site. 

Provides location updates via the Forsite Activity Feed as a Contractor is in the near vicinity of the allocated zones.

How do they work?

By placing Forsite Sensors in certain areas, such as high risk or key risk areas, the Forsite App will be able harness the power of proximity provided by sensors.  Every-time a Contractor passes a sensor or stays static, our activity feed in the Forsite Portal, will display the time and location of that contractor.

Caveat:  Users must have Forsite loaded and be signed into the App and Registered to the Site.  Bluetooth settings must be ON.

How is this setup?

  1. Sensors are placed in the designated area as required.   
    1. These designated areas can be any location of the Site Admin's choosing with the recommendation being that locations are not within 5-10 metres as sensor range is likely to overlap and cause the system confusion.
  2. Sensor Subzone is turned on via the Site Pages by Forsite Customer Support.

Show me a video of what I can see

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