Settings Required

Settings Required

Added 17.04.21

This article explains the settings required to operate the Forsite App.

The Forsite app provides a range of features designed to keep you safe whilst at work.  In order for this features to work at their best, we need to access some of your settings.

When you download the Forsite app user will see a range of prompt on their screens from Forsite asking for permissions.
  1. Location
  2. Notifications
  3. Bluetooth
  4. Critical Alerts
  5. Motion and Fitness

"Location must be set to ALWAYS and 'Precise Location' must be turned on so we can check you out when you leave site.

Forsite uses geolocation to understand when you arrive, are present or leave any monitored sites. 

Site Admins will set a site's location requirements to one of three options; 'Always on', 'While using', or 'Never'.
Depending on the Site Admin's requirements, visitors to the site may need to change their Forsite location settings. This can be done in your phone's permissions settings by changing the 'Locatin Services' Permissions to the required setting.

If you would like to learn more about location services and privacy, click here.

We are currently reviewing our options around location settings and would welcome feedback.

Forsite would like to send you notifications.
Notification prompts allow us to pop up an onscreen prompt to remind a user when they have signed in at site.  Users can use these to open the app. These are not compulsory and location set to Always allows these prompts to pop up when the app is not in foreground.

Forsite would like to use bluetooth
The majority of our sites use bluetooth sensors to provide certainty a user has effectively come through the front door.  If bluetooth has been turned off, Forsite will notify the user, and they will not be able to check in at sites using our sensors.

Critical Alerts
Forsite would like to send you critical alerts.
Critical alerts are sent when an evacuation is triggered through the Forsite portal.  These are specifically allowed by apple and android and do not require location to alert the user.  The phones operating system will allow the alert to be sent provided the users phone is turned on and has data.

Motion & Fitness
Forsite would like to access your motion and fitness
Not compulsory.
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