Tasks: How to pick up a Task?

Tasks: How to pick up a Task?

This article provides information on Tasks and how to pick up a Task on the Forsite app.
App versions:

iOS: 5.1.0

Android: 5.1.0

What are Tasks?

A Task is a job that needs to be completed within a defined period of time set by a Site Admin or Service Provider.

How to pick up a Task?

There are two ways a user can pick up tasks:

1) Via the Tasks menu 
This will show a list of Tasks available to the user

2) During the check in process
Users are able to select the Task they are working on before checking in

Task Details 

Selecting a Task will open up the details for users to review.
Scroll down to view all the information and to accept or archive the Task
Upon selecting a Task, users will continue with the standard check in process. Once they have successfully checked in the Task will appear on the check in screen. 

Completing Tasks

Once a user is ready to check out they can select 3 options:

  1. Will be continued later 
  2. Yes- add photo/s
  3. Yes- without photo/s

How to update a Task?

Users  can update their Task progress or add photos and notes at any time. 

Onsite - Users can update their Task by selecting the Task on their check in screen or going to the Task menu. 
Off site - Users can update their Task by going to the Task.

How to View/Add/Edit Photos and Notes

Photos - By selecting View/Add users can view or add their own photos
Notes - By selecting Add/Edit users can Add or Edit their own notes. 

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