Presence Detection for your sites

Presence Detection for your sites

Updated 08.06.21
This article provides information on Presence Detection and how to configure it for your site(s)
App versions:

iOS: 5.0.0

Android: 5.0.0

As a Site Manager you have the freedom to choose between Auto Presence Detection or User Initiated Presence Detection for sites.

Auto Presence Detection

Auto Presence Detection helps make health and safety seamless and easy. With Auto Presence Detection turned on, as contractors arrive onsite:
  1. Contractors are automatically detected and will receive a prompt to check-in.
  2. Once they leave a site they can also be auto checked out.
By turning Auto Presence Detection on for your sites, contractors will be required to set their location services to “Always”.

User Initiated Presence Detection

User Initiated Presence Detection ensures that users have the flexibility to complete a manual check in at their sites. Contractors will need to open app to initiate:
  1. Manual check in and check out of site.
  2. Receive prompt notifications.
  3. Contractors that leave site and do not check out can be *forced checked out after a set time period. 
*If you want to enable force check out for your site(s), please contact us at
If contractors are having trouble remembering to check in when on site, you can turn on Auto Presence Detection.

Why Auto Presence Detection?

To improve health and safety compliance Site Managers can choose to have Auto Presence Detection turned on for their sites. This ensures that anyone that goes onto their site will be made aware of any site risks or site specific information.

How to configure Auto Presence Detection:

Auto Presence Detection is configured by our Forsite team. If you would like to enable Auto Presence Detection for your site(s), please contact us at

How to set your location services on the Forsite app:


Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Forsite



Settings > Location > App Permissions > Forsite


Need more help or have any further questions? Chat to us via live chat or email on @  

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